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we apologize for the lag time!

Hey all you watchers out there! I'm really here just to apologize for the lack of any real updates on icons. I haven't had a real lust to be making icons or graphics of any sorts lately. As a small way of making up for it in mediocre manners, a set of icons from Vertigo's hit graphic novel series "Fables". Art from various artists, although you may recognize a few from the highly acclaimed artist James Jean.

+17 Fables Icons

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+52 icons on this special friday


I hope you guys enjoy this batch. It's a lot more simpler compared to my typical stuff. Colors were my main focus, so I was experimenting a lot with that. Opinions on this batch would be great, whether as stand-alones or in comparison to my earlier stuff! So here they are....

o1.) Please do not HOTLINK
o2.) Please do not claim credit for these icons!! Because, well, I made them. :|
o3.) Comments are loved, but are not necessary. :D I'd just like to get an idea of how many people are using them.

+5 Final Fantasy RevWings & III
+21 Final Fantasy XII
+12 Soul Eater
+15 Tales of the Abyss anime
= 52 icons

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Until next time, au revoir!


these are obviously not icons. they are forum sigs/avs. the board i use limits avs to 150/64px. so if that doesnt work for you feel free to make your own. all sigs are 450/150px.

various SquareEnix titles.
singular style.

dont require credit, just dont claim as your own.

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+43 Multi-Fandom post........finally

Sweet jesus, it's been so long. @_@ I'm hoping this will get me motivated to make more icons around this summer season, since obviously making them during the school year isn't working out for me. :D

Umm, a lot of these are randomly old by a few months. Some are stuff I made within the last month. And uhhhh oh yeah I had to stop taking those bajillion friends-list requests a while ago so please don't hurt me. ; ;

And uhhh enjoy! :D

1-7 : xxxHolic
9-12 : D.Gray Man
13-22 : FFvii AC + CC
23-26 : Air Gear
27-31 : NANA
32-34 : Persona 3
35-37 : Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
38-43 : manga_battle icons (I dropped out)

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+28 Contemporary Artists Icons

You all remember my previous artist series post, no? It mainly focused on the impressionists and art nouveau artists, but this time I took a keen twist into the more modern and contemporary art scene for these.

My main purpose in making these is to spread across the influence of artists and their works into the LiveJournal public sphere!! So if you seen an artist you like, or would like to be a fan of, be sure to grab the icons and spread the artLove!

1-4 : Kiki Smith
5-6 : Ruben Ortiz-Torres
7-8 : Jeff Koons
9 : Mike Bidlo
10-11 : Amy Adler
12-13 : Frank Stella
14 : Richard Serra
15 : Philip Lorca Dicorcia
16-19 : Man Ray
20 : John Heartfield
21-24 : Yuken Teruya
25-27 : Barbara Kruger
28 : Robert Rauschenberg

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And for those who are curious about the artists....a quick overview on their approach to their work and my thoughts on them!!

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Icon Post!!!...finally ;-;

Yeah so it's been ages since I've made an icon post. I had some people on my Flist make some suggestions for me on what icons to make, so here's part of the batch. (I've still got a lot more until every suggestion is dunzo!)

♥ 16 - Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
♥ 9 - Odin Sphere
♥ 6 - Phoenix Wright
♥ 3 - Naruto
♥ 6 - Persona 3
♥ 6 - Death Note
= 46 icons

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♥ 6 - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
♥ 4 - Jeff Goldblum
= 10 icons

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A big bumrush of icons. (Well, not so big, but I'm a busy person.)

I'd also like to extend a thanks to those who really enjoyed my last resource dump. And congrats to easybakeicons for 130+ watchers!!! :)

+ 1     Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children
+ 3     Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core
+ 1     Final Fantasy IX
+ 1     Final Fantasy X
+ 1     Final Fantasy X-2
+ 1     Final Fantasy XII
+ 1     Final Fantasy XIII : Agito
+ 1     Final Fantasy XIII : Versus
+ 1     Final Fantasy XIII
+ 2     Last Remnant
+ 3     Kingdom Hearts (2)

*** Some icons are from my entry in ff_kh_battle

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+4 brush sets, +5 textures

the first time I've ever done a full resource dump. (I usually put half on AppendixSquared and the other half here. :p ) But I'm in a rush so who cares. D: My last resource post in a while, I would think. Enjoy!!!

All brushes work with CS2. Imagepacks are provided for other versions.

+4 Brush Sets
+5 Texture Sets

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